Phentermine Diet Pills Online

Phentermine Diet Pills Online

Phentermine Scam – Is Selling Phentermine Diet Pills Online Illegal?

Since Phentermine diet pills have been banned from being sold online, a lot of people are trying to find good alternatives to Phentermine. Simultaneously, some pharmaceutical companies have a particular scheme going, attempting a sort of phentermine scam by marketing low quality phentermine-like alternatives which don’t help you lose weight.

Despite this phentermine scam (and the phentermine scam stories that go with it) there is apparently one kind of alternative diet pills that gives actual phentermine-like results. These diet pills are called Phentramin-D. Compared to the competition, (whatever some phentermine reviews out there might say), these diet pills are said to be the only alternative out there worthy of good drug reviews or good user reviews and ratings.

As part of what might be called this phentermine scam of low quality alternatives, there are some brands of diet pills that are available without a prescription and are sold as phentermine alternatives. Let’s have a brief synopsis of each one:

Phentramin-D: This is apparently the best quality alternative. It is made by Lazarus Labs, and combines caffeine and geranamine. Geranamine naturally enhances mood, increases metabolism and suppresses appetite. Combining it with caffeine together gives a similar effect on energy, metabolism and appetite as phentermine does.

Phentarmine: You’ll notice it is very close in name to Phentermine. Apparently that is its only similarity. It contains 800 milligrams of hoodia along with common vitamins and a blend of herbal ingredients. Hoodia remains unproven in its ability to curb appetite despite the publicity it has gotten. It is also made by a mostly unknown manufacturer, GS Labs, and is priced quite high at $90 for a thirty day supply.

Phentermine-H: This is another product containing hoodia. It claims to contain 2500 milligrams of the stuff, but it is said to be very low quality and doesn’t really help lose weight or suppress appetite.

Phentremine-X: This one is apparently quite bad. Made by Liposomex Labs, this product just combines hoodia with caffeine. There is also apparently no information on the amounts contained in the product. Of all the phentermine alternatives out there this one seems to be the cheapest one, but it isn’t going to help you much.

Phentremine Civ-xR: This phentermine scam is exactly the same as the last one apparently, but just under a different name! And at a higher price too!

Phenterpril: It’s not as bad as some of the others, but this phentermine scam product is still not great.  It does have some decent ingredients in it, but also others (such as raspberry ketones) that really are not effective in helping people to lose weight.

One last phentermine scam to look out for isn’t a type of pill, but rather websites that claim to sell phentermine, but don’t (which none do now, since it is illegal to sell online). Buyer beware of this, and all other phentermine scams. And please, make sure to check out consumer reviews before buying.