How propecia address hair loss in men?

How propecia address hair loss in men?

Propecia is one of the recently formulated treatments that is said to work best in addressing hair loss among men. Unlike previously formulations introduced in the market earlier, this formulation is said to be a greatly improved solution to baldness primarily due to significantly reduced side effects and to which in some cases, and virtually no unlikely side effects were reported.

Given this promising results, more and more men who are suffering from hair patches in their scalp or from a receding hairline will surely be interested on how propecia works. How does this formulation help address hair loss among this human gender?

There is actually nothing fancy about this recently introduced formulation. This pill that is to be taken once on a regular interval, that is daily, works in a similar way as other earlier introduced hair loss pharmacological treatments. Its creation is crafted in such a way that the alternative form of testosterone, dihydrotestosterone (DHT), will be significantly reduced to the level that is not harmful to the hair follicles. Retarding the creation and consequently valuable reduction on the concentration of DHT will also mark a noticeable effect on one’s hair. Hair follicles will be spared from eventual hair growth arrest and instead hair growth will be promoted. Remaining hair strands will also be made more healthy and improved.

So why attack DHT? DHT is created as a transformed form of testosterone, the dominating male hormone responsible for most secondary sexual characteristics. What is not good about DHT is the fact that once present in the blood stream, it tends to be directly moving to areas where hair follicles are greatly concentrated, in this case, the head. There, it will tend to decrease the size of the hair follicles and eventually choking it leading to its death. As this happens, each follicle will forever be arrested in terms of growth, and this is manifested as patchy distribution of hair on ones scalp. The higher the concentration of DHT then in the blood, the higher the possibility for more pronounced patches to occur in one’s scalp.

By retarding the concentration of DHT, baldness can also be arrested. So this recent formulation works by inhibiting the conversion of testosterone to DHT and thus lowering the concentration of this harmful hormone in the bloodstream. Individuals who have tried it have actually noticed pronounced hair growth on their scalp, replacing former patches. Hair strands were also noticeably shinier and healthier compared to old strands after long term use of this product.

What is important to remember about the use of this product however is the fact that the results will only be continuously felt if the intake of the product is sustained? In short, reverse results may be noticed should you stop taking the pill.